Excavation Services

Whether you need excavation for clearing land or installing storm drainage systems, we are proud to offer our excavating services to customers.

Our excavation contractors work efficiently and produce quality results so you can stay ahead of schedule on your next construction project.

R&M Development is a excavating company dedicated to helping customers repurpose land for new projects.

We offer the following excavation services:

  • Land clearing
  • Demolition
  • Site work
  • Grading
  • Foundations
  • Shoreline stabilization
  • Storm drainage

Clear Land and Demolish Buildings

Our excavating contractors work efficiently to clear your property of trees, stumps, and other natural debris with our land clearing service. We are also able to demolish buildings or structures on the property so you can begin new construction as soon as possible.

Excavate Level Foundations

We are a construction excavating company that has experience with construction grading for level foundations or slopes to your specifications. Our fleet of excavating equipment will be able to handle the excavation needs of your construction project so you can stay on schedule.

Stabilize Shorelines

If you need to stabilize the banks of a pond or lake, we also offer shoreline stabilization services. We can safely excavate near bodies of water so rip rap can be installed to prevent water erosion. Our excavating contractors are experienced with coordinating efforts with other contractors during site work so you can always expect quality results.

Create Storm Drainage Systems

Our team of excavation contractors has experience laying down storm pipe, catch basins, and manholes at any depth. You can trust us to ensure storm drainage systems are properly installed so they will manage runoff the way they were designed.

If you are interested in our land clearing, grading, foundation leveling or any of our other excavation services, give our excavation professionals a call at (315) 737-3734.